Frequently Asked Questions

QuasarMX does not play any files on Android. What is the matter?

The current version of the Android port requires the additional free decoders package located here.

Why does QuasarMX look the same on all platforms?

Or: Why don’t you change the UI of QuasarMX for SailfishOS?

The main user interface of QuasarMX is specifically designed to look, feel and work the same on all platforms. Adapting the main user interface to a platform’s native styling requires certain compromises performance- and feature-wise and a lot of effort and time to keep all these code bases up-to-date with the latest changes to the core functionality. Other big projects like VLC struggle with exactly this kind of problem albeit having the manpower to handle it.

Why is there no version of QuasarMX available for Blackberry 10?

We have a working prototype based on the unsupported Blackberry Qt 5.3 build with working hardware acceleration. This port is still missing platform adaptation, namely audio routing, Bluetooth support and proper OS integration. Blackberry’s support for plain-vanilla Qt is lacking a lot lately. Developer resources are unavailable or have been shut down. The Blackberry Cascades framework is the only framework on top of Qt 4.8 that is actively supported by Blackberry. Porting QuasarMX to this framework actually means rewriting large parts of the code base, which is simply not going to happen. So, to sum up, we might release a version of QuasarMX built on top of the unsupported (and buggy) Qt 5 port for Blackberry. Stay tuned.

Why is there no version of QuasarMX available for Windows Phone?

We are still investigating on this matter. Porting QuasarMX to Windows Phone (or WinRT) requires several changes in the core’s functionality to support the isolated storage functionality in Modern apps, ie. the way your media files are handled by the app. Another big topic is platform adaptation, namely audio output, audio routing, support for remote controls and Bluetooth, which requires a lot of work.

I would like to translate QuasarMX. Where do I start?

We have a service for that:
Translating to a new language or making major improvements to an existing translation will get you a full license to QuasarMX along with access to all beta and future versions.

Can I transfer my license from Symbian (or any other platform) to Android (or any other platform)?

Transfering a license from one platform to another is not possible. That is why we offer the license for every supported platform in the first place. You will have to buy another license for the new platform.

I can’t afford a full license of QuasarMX. Can you help me?

If you really can not afford a full license of QuasarMX, we provide free give aways in some situations. Please contact us at