Version 2.4 - r1743 - Tue, 14 Jun 2022 19:45:00 +0000

Changed behaviors:

  • Clicking on the "Jump to album" arrow button in the album header will no longer flash the "Tap to locked" message in bookmarks but instead will jump to the album in the full playlist.

Bug fixes:

  • SailfishOS: Media keys on Bluetooth headsets work again.
  • SailfishOS: Fixed ghost AppCover when quitting the app via the menu.
  • SailfishOS: Fixed certificate issues.
  • SailfishOS: Fixed package signature and optimized decoders.

Version 2.3 - r1738 - Thu, 26 Aug 2021 00:45:00 +0000

This release fixes minor packaging issues on SailfishOS and updates some assets.

Version 2.3 - r1735 - Sun, 22 Aug 2021 23:18:00 +0000

This release contains many bugfixes and improvements. We added binaries for Debian and Raspbian based systems. SailfishOS received the much requested aarch64 binaries. Android support is now considered stable.

New features:

  • Added log out functionality to addon.
  • Added preset buttons to Sleep Timer addon.
  • Ubuntu/Debian: Added support for sending media's meta data to Bluetooth remote controls (AVRCP 1.3). Specialized (non-store version) package for SailfishOS to follow soon.


  • Improved startup performance.
  • Optimized database performance.
  • SailfishOS/Ubuntu: Better BlueZ 5 support.
  • Ubuntu/Debian: Playback now prevents the system from going into standby mode.
  • Android: Completely revamped Android support to take advantage of recent Android features. 64-bit builds for ARM and x86 now available for download.
  • Added experimental Debian 9 (Stretch), 10 (Buster) and 11 (Bullseye) builds for amd64, arm64 (RaspPi 3/4), armhf (RaspPi 3/4), armle (RaspPi Zero/1/2)
  • New Lyrics addon using service (soon to be open-sourced)


  • Settings are now stored in a database, effectively fixing the issue where all settings and the unlock status of the app were lost due to power loss.
  • Fixed timeout at start-up on systems without Bluetooth support.
  • Android: Fixed hard lock-up / crash when running on more recent versions of Android (8+).
  • Android: Fixed fonts in section scroller, i.e. the long-touch quick-jump functionality on the right side of the playlist and cover view.
  • Android: Fixed crash when starting playback on Android 6 and 7.
  • Ubuntu: Fixed internet connection on 18.04 LTS.
  • Ubuntu/Debian/SailfishOS: Fixed issue causing a crash of QuasarMX when the default audio output becomes unavailable.
  • Debian/Raspberry Pi OS: Fixed crash issues on ARM based systems.
  • Debian/Raspberry Pi OS: Bluetooth remote control now show title and artist info (Bluetooth AVRCP)
  • SailfishOS/Harmattan/Ubuntu: More robust at handling PulseAudio crashes or abruptly disconnecting Bluetooth devices.
  • SailfishOS: Fixed another crash issue when starting playback.
  • SailfishOS: Fixed startup issues.

Version 2.2 - r1581 - Sun, 27 Aug 2017 02:51:00 +0000

New features:

  • Added a bookmark functionality to the playlist manager, which allows the current filtered live view on the playlist to be saved as virtual playlist below the current playlist for easy access;
  • QuasarMX is able to continue playback at the last known position in large files, e.g. podcasts;
  • Added support for Opus encoded files.


  • Improved power management when the player is idle in the background.


  • Android: Solved directory selection issue caused by the new very strict handling of access rights on Android 7. Now providing a way to select known internal and external storage locations (SD cards etc.);
  • SailfishOS: Fixed crash when switching playlists, caused by MPRIS D-Bus messages. Now modified to work with stricter handling of D-Bus messages in newer Qt version.
  • Ubuntu: Fixed 20-second startup freeze on systems without Bluetooth.
  • Fixed vertical alignment of text in the playlist view.

Version 2.1 - r1502 - Mon, 01 Aug 2016 20:10:00 +0000

This release is a hot-fix for start-up and graphics issues in the Desktop versions of QuasarMX, namely Ubuntu and Windows. It also contains updated finnish, french, german and italian translations.

Version 2.1 - r1490 - Sun, 26 Jun 2016 19:00:00 +0000

This new release 2.1 of QuasarMX packs many bugfixes and improvements as well as some new features along with improved support for Android and a new user interface for the Desktop versions of QuasarMX (Windows & Ubuntu).

New Features:

  • Added quick access tool buttons for the selected item to enqueue or copy to other playlists without entering the multi-select editor mode;
  • Added Mono Mix option in Stereo Enhancer that allows mixing stereo signals down to mono (useful if only one speaker is hooked up or one can only listen to music on one ear).
  • Added settings options to control behavior of Playlist view (double-click, single tap etc.);
  • Added a new option to force re-reading tags from files, available in the multi-select editor mode;
  • Desktop/Tablet: Introduced new user interface in Desktop version of QuasarMX, switchable to mobile user interface via new "Switch Interface" menu entry or button in bottom right corner, properly restoring window geometry and window state;
  • Desktop/Tablet: Implemented support for file manager drag and drop operations in Desktop version;
  • Ubuntu: Added support for Playlist selection via the MPRIS2 D-BUS interface;


  • Performance and reliability improved in media/tag scanner. Now able to scan certain media files with invalid or corrupted APE/ID3v2 tags.
  • Metadata indexer now working in a separate thread for better responsiveness of the user interface while scanning files;
  • Implemented support for reading of disc number and compilation flags;
  • Improved performance of searching and filtering (up to 10% faster).
  • Revised sorting and grouping of playlist;
  • Playback queue now more visible at the top of the playlist manager;
  • Revised the playlist export functionality to allow exporting dynamic playlists as static playlists;
  • Android: Added a new audio decoder to leverage the native device decoders on even more devices;
  • Android: Improved OpenSL ES audio output to better work on devices with bad audio latency issues.
  • Android: Added packages for Android x86/Intel Atom based devices;
  • Windows: Implemented a new tick-less XAudio2 based output with improved responsiveness/latency;
  • Windows: App now compiled against official Qt 5.6.1 binaries;
  • Ubuntu: Now using Qt Quick 2 and thus require desktop OpenGL;
  • Ubuntu: Packages now come bundled with official Qt 5.6.1 binaries to work on 14.04 LTS and 16.04 LTS;
  • Desktop/Tablet: Now properly detects whether input was touch or mouse and properly activates scrollbars;
  • Desktop/Tablet: Improved mouse wheel handling;
  • Minor UI improvements across the board;
  • Updated translation files (German, Russian, Italian).


  • Fixed a bug in the import playlist functionality that caused the resulting playlist to always be empty;
  • Fixed an issue where the heuristics used in the playlist scanner would accidently pick up identical files from a different drive/directory instead of the directory specified for scanning;
  • Fixed an issue causing QuasarMX to crash during scanning of media collections;
  • QuasarMX now correctly remembers the position in playlist upon restarting and/or switching of playlists;
  • Windows: Fixed an issue causing certain SSL connections to malfunction and disconnect;
  • Android: Fixed a crash at startup on devices running Android 5 and up;
  • Android: Fixed a crash issue on devices running nVidia Tegra SoCs;
  • Android: Fixed an issue that caused number values in audio tags/meta-data to be invalidly parsed.

Version 2.0 - r1267 - Thu, 08 Oct 2015 21:51:00 +0000

This release contains many new features, a new refreshed user interface and a lot of new magic under the hood. It also fixes several issues of the previous version. The 2.x series is a free upgrade to all owners of the 1.x Pro version.

If you are experiencing problems with this version of QuasarMX please don't hesitate to contact us at

New Features:

  • Completely revamped playlist editor with multi-select support;
  • New improved playlist manager that directly integrates into the main interface and allows for faster switching between playlists in edit mode;
  • New playback queue that allows for enqueuing one or more items for playback;
  • Added smart playlists for most played, recently played and recently added files. NOTE: Initial start-up of the app will update the database to support this new feature. This can take a few moments.
  • Added new context menu actions to delete files from the filesystem or to forget files and remove them from all playlists;
  • Added support for toggling playback via headphone hangup/take call button, including handling of double and triple clicks for skipping forwards/backwards;


  • Faster background scanning of playlists;
  • Improved performance during filtering (up to 20% faster);
  • Optimized scroll performance/smoothness of views;
  • Reduced memory consumption across all platforms;
  • Car mode now remembers the zoom and font settings;
  • Streamlined user interface to work better with different platform styles;
  • Android: QuasarMX will now detect and offer to download missing codecs;
  • SailfishOS: Added support for landscape mode and TOHKBD;
  • SailfishOS: Added Initial support for the Jolla Tablet.


  • Android: Added support for Android 5.x;
  • Android: Fixed handling of external SD cards;
  • MPRIS2: Changed reported length on media files to be in usec;
  • MPRIS2: Fixed reported capabilities and change notification, fixes behavior of new lock screen controls on SailfishOS 2;
  • Fixed a bug that caused the car mode to not be automatically enabled when a known Bluetooth device was connected;
  • Fixed a performance regression when handling hotkeys and hotkey sequences;
  • Fixed switching to last displayed screen after start-up;
  • Symbian: Fixed an issue that prevented the app from starting on certain devices;
  • Fixed the Pro version unlocking feature on Symbian and Android.

Version 1.9 - r1091 - Thu, 20 Nov 2014 22:13:00 +0000

This release is a hot-fix for the playback issue on SailfishOS Tahkalampi (Update 8). If you are using SailfishOS Uitukka (Update 9+) you do not need to install this version.

Version 1.9 - r1090 - Wed, 19 Nov 2014 00:10:00 +0000

This release contains a lot of bugfixes and some new features.

New Features:

  • Added a volume balance feature (by popular demand);
  • Added an experimental Dynamic Range Compression filter to raise overall volume while still trying to prevent clipping by using soft clipping for a tube-like saturation effect;
    • Note: The output quality will suffer due to the compression effect. Only use if you need to maximize the volume and have several enhancers enabled.


  • The app now correctly remembers which item was selected and also restores the previous position in the playlist view upon restart or playlist switching;
  • Optimized section/group scroller to not interfere with horizontal swiping;
  • SailfishOS: Implemented an option to use system fonts and colors in the user interface;
  • SailfishOS: Implemented a file dialog in native styling. (Hi @iCODeRUS! 😀 )


  • Fixed an issue in the NEON optimization of the parametric equalizer that could lead to incorrect volume on each channel ("balance bug");
  • Added a work around for a bug in Qt that causes settings to be lost when the system loses power or crashes otherwise ( );
  • Fixed an issue that would cause corruption of the meta-data database;
  • Fixed a crash when switching between playlists and/or managing them;
  • Fixed the option to remove all downloaded cover art files in Settings > "Cache & Storage";
  • Fixed the section scroller in the playlist view to fall back to the grouping used in the cover art view when grouping in the playlist view is disabled;
  • Fixed the playlist view to show artist and album info on each item in a group where the track artist differs from the album artist, ie. on compilations ("Various artists")
  • Fixed the playlist view to always show artist and album info when grouping is disabled.
  • Fixed an issue in Cover Art Downloader that caused cover art image files to be overwritten and duplicated;
  • Fixed a crash when no files in the playlist could be found (e.g. when SD card was removed);
  • Fixed a crash in file scanner when recursively scanning directories that contain symlink loops;
  • SailfishOS: Fixed unlocking of app on Uitukka release;
  • SailfishOS: Fixed orientation of splash screen at startup;
  • SailfishOS: Fixed potential start-up crash;
  • SailfishOS: Added a work-around for a crash in the Qt 5.2.2 libraries used in the Uitukka update, triggered by text ellipsis in long translation texts;
  • Symbian: Fixed the screen rotation issue;
  • Symbian: Fixed the performance issue caused by aggressive allocation of texture memory;
  • Windows: Fixed loading of plugins, effectively fixing the internet detection and cover art import.

Version 1.8 - r1008 - Thu, 03 Jul 2014 20:04:41 +0000

This release contains lots of optimizations for the Symbian and Harmattan version of QuasarMX. The start-up time has been improved as has the performance of the UI. The Meteora audio backend is now fully optimized to use ARM NEON, which resulted in dramatically reduced power consumption. The Symbian version has been optimized to make better use of ARM VFP. This is the initial release of the SailfishOS and Android port of QuasarMX.


  • Refined item layout;
  • Improved grouping support;
  • Better handling of cover art images;
  • Improved loading performance of groupings;
  • Covert art view now has fast scrolling support via long-pressing the right edge;
  • Many performance and efficiency improvements across the board.

New Features:

  • Fully zoomable user interface;
  • New Sound tab for easy access to sound settings;
  • New Stereo enhancer feature;
  • Added a fully programmable Sleep Timer to the tools section;
  • Initial translations ( ).


  • Symbian: Fixed out-of-memory condition during scanning;
  • Lots of bugfixes!


  • New revised icon/logo;
  • Free version is now unlockable to the Pro version.

Version 1.7 - r459 - Mon, 04 Mar 2013 23:32:24 +0000


  • Added new Accessories sub page in the settings dialog:
    • Added an option to determine if the playback should be paused when unplugging a headset;
    • Added a function to automatically enable the car mode upon connection of certain Bluetooth devices (full version feature only);
  • Improved audio routing support;
  • Pause or Stop now select the played track;
  • Added a "Connect Now" button to info add-ons (, LyricWiki);
  • Made the progress bar's seek anchor more apparent;
  • Improved the pre-calculated random mode by using the Knuth/Fisher-Yates shuffle algorithm;
  • Improved start up time (deferred loading of add-ons, lazy instantiation etc.);
  • Improved reading of embedded cover art images from FLAC files;
  • Reduced power consumption in Meteora playback backend (by ~15mW on N9);
  • Harmattan: Added support for Billboard (and other applications that use ContextKit's Media.NowPlaying core property);
  • Dolphins with Lasers attacking and sinking pirates (new anti-piracy feature).


  • Fixed an issue that caused tracks to repeat in random mode;
  • Fixed saving of settings in the Sound tool add-on;
  • Fixed an issue where the function "Rewind or play previous item" would not work in certain situations;
  • Harmattan: Fixed issue that paused playback when other apps were requesting audio resources (Nokia Drive, Soundwave, etc.);
  • Symbian: Forced priority of playback (hopefully fixes intermittent playback when using other applications);
  • Symbian: Fixed issue where the play/pause button on certain Bluetooth remote controls would not work;
  • Added diagnostic logging to help with debugging problems during file scan etc;

Lots of changes and bugfixes under the hood kickstarting the Blackberry and Android ports.

Version 1.6 - r393 - Mon, 07 Jan 2013 00:48:17 +0000

This release introduces the new Meteora playback backend and adds the following features:

  • Gapless playback
  • 10-Band Parametric Equalizer
  • Bass and Treble Booster
  • High-quality audio reproduction with novel approach to preventing distortions
  • Dramatically lowered power consumption compared to stock music player application
  • Broad format support on all platforms
  • Playlist management

This release also fixes several bugs and adds features:

  • Improved memory handling in Symbian version;
  • Improved smoothness of transitions;
  • Implemented caching in and LyricsWiki addon;
  • Added additional options in settings dialog:
    • Behavior of random playback;
    • Behavior of the back button;
    • Bigger view switcher / tab bar;
    • Allow seeking of a track when in PlayInfo screen;
    • Hide playback control toolbar when in PlayInfo screen;
  • Other minor fixes that were reported.

Version 1.1 (Beta 5) - r180 - Wed, 23 May 2012 00:11:00 +0000

This version focuses mainly on bugfixes and performance improvements. It also introduces important under-the-hood changes for upcoming features.

  • A special "Car Mode" for continous low-power operation in cars etc. was added;
  • An option was added to define the sorting order of the play list;
  • Other minor usability improvements.

Version 1.0 (Beta 4) - r106 - Sun, 25 Mar 2012 03:12:00 +0000

  • Symbian version no longer stores data on drive C: thus leading to out of memory condition. QuasarMX now stores the data on on the drive it was installed on;
  • Test period extended to beginning of June 2012;
  • Urgent bugfixes, performance improvements and preparation for upcomming features;
  • Improved feedback and review form.

Version 0.9 (Beta 3) - r94 - Tue, 14 Feb 2012 12:47:00 +0000

  • Added support for Album Artist, Compilations and Release Year;
  • Added a new dialog allowing to define which folders should be scanned for files;
  • Added a Settings dialog:
    • Visible columns (Genres, Artists, Albums) in the Playlist overview are now configurable;
    • Added an option to lock the screen orientation;
    • The accuracy and interval of the search filter is now configurable;
    • Added options to define what should happen when leaving the app and returning to it;
  • Fixed several issues that caused incorrect positioning in the overview and playlist;
  • Improved the scrolling performance in all lists;
  • Improved metadata scanning performance;
  • Changed files will now be rescanned correctly;
  • Improved the stability and performance of the cover art downloader addon;
  • Changed the behavior of the rewind button to play the current file from the beginning when more than 2 seconds into the playback;
  • Lots of minor bugfixes and changes under the hood;
  • Unrelated to the N9/Harmattan version: The port to Symbian Anna/Belle is finished in this revision and will follow shortly.

Version 0.8 (Beta 2) - r51 - Thu, 12 Jan 2012 22:51:00 +0000

  • Fixed the cover art downloader addon to properly update cover art images after downloading;
  • Removed a problem that prevented scanning of MP4 and WMA files in most cases;
  • Fixed an issue that caused a switching of the active view when rotating the display;
  • Fixed a bug that caused cover art image files in a the same directory the album files are located in not to be read;
  • Implemented support for the Nokia AD-54 wired remote control;
  • Improved handling of CJK tagged files;
  • Improved the handling of internet connections when the device is in offline or flight mode;
  • Lots of other minor changes, performance improvements and bug fixes.

Version 0.6 (Beta 1) - r35 - Thu, 29 Dec 2011 03:06:38 +0000

  • Initial Release.